ISA Nanotech proudly presents the new, green method of crop protection: Siltac SF

Designed for the control of numerous pests such as: spider mites, all types of aphids, white fly, thrips and leaf fleas. Check out our new and improved "how to use document"

The mode of operation is based on a unique physical mechanism. Pests cannot build up resistance.

Because Siltac SF does not contain any active chemical ingredient, it does not leave any harmful pesticide residue.

Siltac SF can be used very well in an IPM strategy.

Siltac SF Special Formulation contains a unique combination of silicone polymer compounds. Siltac SF spreads quickly on the treated surface and creates a three-dimensional polymer structure. This structure controls the pest very effectively and immobilizes the insects, so they are quickly eliminated. Siltac SF is recommended for use in hard and soft fruit, (greenhouse) vegetables, ornamental plants and grains.

ISA Nanotech is a proud member of the International World Horti Center (click for more info)


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