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Siltac®SF Special Formulation has proven to be very effective against Psylla pyri, lice, spider mites, white flies and thrips.

Check here the test results of agricultural test center "PC Fruit Belgium"

Key benefits of Siltac SF Special Formulation:

  • Has a proven effect against several pests
  • The efficacy of the product appears to be comparable or better than the performance of the best conventional chemical pesticides.
  • It leaves no chemical and burdensome residues in crops.
  • Pests are unable to develop a resistance against Siltac SF
  • Resistance can not occur due to physical action.
  • Also recommended for use in integrated crops.

Siltac SF contains a combination of various silicone polymers. After application, these compounds spread over the pest and create a specific structure; a three-dimensional polymer network. The structure hinders (immobilizes) the insects and thus blocks their physical functions on many levels. This leads to a rapid elimination of the insects and mites on the plants.

  • Before use, please read the label carefully.

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Revolutionary in pest control

Siltac SF, diluted in water and sprayed on plants, creates a specific structure of a three-dimensional polymer network.

three-dimensional polymer network

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