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Siltac®SF Special Formulation has proven to be very effective against Psylla pyri, lice, spider mites, white flies and thrips.


Key benefits of Siltac SF Special Formulation:

  • Has a proven effect against several pests like Aphids, White Flies, (Spider) Mites, Thrips & Psylla.
  • Very well usable in an IPM strategy.  See this article from IPM Impact for more information.
  • The efficacy of the product appears to be comparable or better than the performance of the best conventional chemical pesticides.
  • It leaves no chemical and burdensome residues in crops.
  • Pests are unable to develop a resistance against Siltac SF
  • Resistance can not occur due to physical action.

Siltac SF contains a combination of various silicone polymers. After application, these compounds spread over the pest and create a specific structure; a three-dimensional polymer network. The structure hinders (immobilizes) the insects and thus blocks their physical functions on many levels. This leads to a rapid elimination of the insects and mites on the plants.

  • Siltac SF can be very well used in an IPM strategy. Click here for more information.
  • Check here the test results of agricultural test center "PC Fruit Belgium"


Revolutionary in pest control

Siltac SF, diluted in water and sprayed on plants, creates a specific structure of a three-dimensional polymer network.

three-dimensional polymer network

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