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Salifort is a breakthrough solution in the field of plant fertilization. The formulation technology used for its manufacture guarantees high efficiency of the fertilizer. A thin layer of fertilizer is formed on the surface of the treated plants - a film that is an important element that affects the biological performance of the product.

Plants become stronger and healthier, which increases their resistance to adverse conditions. diseases.

The composition of the fertilizer is based on simple mineral compounds and substances approved for use in food. These ingredients selected in precise proportions allow you to obtain an effective effect of fertilizing and strengthening plants.

Salifort on grapes

Click here to see how Salifort strengthens grape plants so they  become more resistant against adverse conditions. The tests are performed by PC Fruit in Belgium

The preparation does not contain phosphite or acid carbonates (bicarbonates). Therefore, Salifort has NO MRL. Read the label before use. Salifort can be used both to improve the quality parameters of crops, but also as a support for traditional chemical protection of plants against diseases. In many situations, it reduces the use of chemical plant protection products, which reduces the risk of pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables.

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Salifort is a concentrated water-soluble fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium. It is intended for foliar application in the cultivation of vegetables, fruit, agricultural and ornamental plants during their intensive growth.

Salifort should be used as a complementary source of phosphorus and potassium for plants.

It has a pronounced greening effect on the leaves, strengthens the plants, making them more resistant to adverse conditions, including diseases of various origins.

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